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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Am I tied in after 12 months?

Ans. Our contracts roll every 12 months so unless you let us know you'd like to move you will be signed up for another 12 months automatically

2. What happens after the 12 month contract?

Ans. You're free to change your deal every 12 months, or move to another provider, if you choose not to do either you will automatically have your existing contract renewed for another 12 months

3. Do you provide handsets?

Ans. Yes, this isn't a problem, just give us a call on 01403 788 543, send us an email to

4. Can I change my plan after the first 12 months?

Ans. Yes, this isn't a problem, just give us a call on 1403 788 543, send us an email to

5. Can I still have a SIM card if I am self employed?

Ans. Yes, we welcome the self employed

6. How long will it take to get my SIM card or phone?

Ans. It normally takes 1 to 2 days for you to receive your sim card and 2 days to recieve your phone if you've purchased one. Delievery can only be to the address registered on your payment card.
Phones will need to be signed for, if the packaging is damaged then do not accept the package, by accepting the package you accept the phone arrived in it's packaging intact.

7. Can I pay for my plan by card each month and not Direct Debit?

Ans. Yes, all payments are taken by card unless the payment does not work and then we try direct debit

8. Can I choose my Direct Debit date?

Ans. Yes, just let us know if there's a particular date you'd like it taken

10. Can I move my number?

Ans. Yes, just enter the numbers you'd like to move when signing up and text PAC to 65075.